University Lecture HallI have to say I think that the presentation was well received, there are quite a few budding web designers and developers on the course currently, and I think that showing them the potential of CSS really opened their eyes to new possibilities.

We also distributed hand-outs to everyone that attended with answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a list of interesting websites – including many of the well known design blogs out there.

It was also interesting to hear the questions that people had to ask about standards based design. One of them was infact directed at our lecturer, asking “Why have we not been taught this method of design on our course?”

We do have a web-design module on our course, but it’s in the first year of our studies, and to be perfectly honest the content for the module is a good 4 years out of date… tags anyone?

Maybe our presentation will shake things up a bit, change some of the course content, and give graduates of the degree an early taste of standards based design. Something that they can work on and benefit from in the ‘real world’.

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