I recently visited Montreal with my Powerbook and was happy to find that most of the Starbucks offered free wireless Internet access, something rarely utilized back in London.

At the moment I am in Cape Town, way down in the Southwestern tip of South Africa visiting my parents and family. It’s been quite the contrast in web accessibility; broadband Internet is expensive and slow (512kb ADSL for around $160 per month!). This does of course write off any real chance of a fairly substantial Internet cafe starting up.

Things are moving forward though, costs are reducing due to increased competition, and people in South Africa are starting to warm to the idea of a fast internet connection.

My parents who live here in Cape Town are looking into the idea of opening a sandwich bar/Internet cafe somewhere in the city. What do you look for when choosing an Internet cafe on your travels?

Personally, the price is a big factor for me, but other factors like privacy, atmosphere and speed definitely play a part in my decision.

It would be interesting to hear what people consider before walking into an Internet cafe, and what you would personally like to see, whether it be good food, a friendly atmosphere, or even a room packed full of G5’s.