It’s been receiving some great reviews and I’m really interested in its templating engine. That’s something I really miss from when I was using my own custom created CMS software. Just being able to edit template files, and not worrying about back-end code is a real plus.

I’ve also noticed some excellent plug-ins popping up over the last few weeks, particularly one for inline editing, which would be so handy for quick updates and revisions.

One other thing I’d really like to make use of, or at least turn back on, is posting categories. It’ll be great to organize my thoughts into groups, making it easier to read only about topics that are of interest.

Anyway, I’m hoping the transition won’t be too painful, I have quite a few hacks in my current 1.3 installation – but I’m sure not quite as many as others who have already made the switch.

Stay tuned.

Update: Everything has been moved over and it was a breeze. It did take a little while to get my head around the new template system, but boy it rocks! Now to utilize my new categories!!