I’ve been following the new features for the last couple of months and I can’t wait for the new versions of Mail and iChat.

I’m only a recent convert to Apple Mail but the new Tiger version looks light years ahead of the current one. The smart mailboxes look seriously funky, and I can already see myself over sorting, just because I can. It also has a new UI look, which to me looks like a third major application skin alongside aqua and metal. Maybe Apple needs to do some standardizing?

iChat has also had some work done to it. I use it everyday to chat to my parents and girlfriend, I’m hoping that the introduction of the new H.264 protocol will improve the video quality over my somewhat limited home broadband connection.

Oh, and the last thing…. Spotlight. I’m really eager to try this out, if it works as quick as it does in the demos then it could drastically change the way I use my computer. Here’s hoping.

I’m looking forward to mid-April the end of April.