Colour Mod is a colour selector tool that can be used on a website to let users dynamically change stylesheet colour settings. One of it’s most practical applications that I’ve seen so far is on Color Combos, where you can change any colour within a combo dynamically without any page refreshes.

The entire tool is coded in javascript & css, and surprisingly (thanks to some proprietary DirectX alpha filters) works in IE6.0 ( although not IE5 Mac). Anyway, what really caught my eye was the actual color palette, where you can drag a bullet around just like you do in Photoshop. The effect was so seamless that it took me several uses to realize that this was all thanks with some very creative javascript – and not just a regular form element.

The tool can be downloaded and plugged into your own website ( which also gives people like me a chance to study just how on earth it was done ) as well as a dashboard widget for OS X 10.4.

Even if you don’t end up using this tool, just take a look at how it is done. Clever and creative, I love it.