Version 0.2 now available!

The latest version of Durable is now availiable and includes many fixes and enhancements from v0.1a. Visit Durable’s Home »

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Durable ScreenDurable puts site users in control of page colors, allowing them to create their own personal themes for the site. Each element of the page is editable in real time; the user can select the colors for backgrounds, text and links.

Administrators of the site can go a little further. Their color choices can either be saved as a personal theme, or saved as the site’s new theme so that all users will see their color selections.

The color selection is done via the “Options” menu, visible in the menu bar of every page, and colors update as soon as they’re selected thanks to the very cool ColorMod color selector.

Durable’s Features

  • On the fly color scheme editing for you and your users.
  • Live AJAX search for archives accessible on any page
  • Drop-down menu sections for Archives, Pages, Links and Search, removing the clutter and giving more space for your articles.
  • Dedicated archives page showing a “tag cloud” for Months and Tags/Categories.
  • Fluid design, meaning users with larger monitors will benefit from extended reading space.
  • The following admin options via the WordPress administrator interface;
    • Switching between the “Torn Page” effect or solid colors for page sections
    • Text alignment of articles (left or justified)
    • Number of posts to show on front page (3, 5, 7 or 9)
    • Switching color changing on or off

You can check out a demo of Durable by switching the theme of this site;

This will give you an example of Durable running on a real world blog, and not just filled with “ideal” information.

I’d love to hear your feedback (email: andy at cssdev dot com), , I am working hard to fix up any bugs in these pre version 1.0 releases.