We’ll be getting together on Thursday, May 11th at 6.30pm at the Sticky Wicket Pub – 919 Douglas Street to talk all things web and web standards.

We’ll be focusing on how best to use web standards, some of the latest best practices, and how new technologies are helping change the way we create and design web apps.

If you’re a web designer or developer in the Victoria area (or want to pop over from Vancouver) I would highly recommend coming along to see what some of your peers are doing in the industry.

Here’s the scoop from Upcoming.org

Oh Canada, Where are Your Web Standards groups?

Inspired by groups like the WSG and Britpack, The Better Web Posse (ok, we might still be looking for another name) is designed to bring together web designers, developers, and uber geeks with hopes in providing support, general discussion, and encouragement in working with web standards. And what better Canadian way than to do this over beer?

Join us, bring your peers, and relish in using terms like AJAX, CSS, and “Web 2.0”

So what ya’ waiting for, go sign up!