After long consideration, and some lengthy site development, I’ve decided to put CssDev into early retirement. I say retirement, but really the only thing that has gone is the design and name. You can still find all of the old CssDev content in its rightful place, all bookmarks and back links will redirect to to the appropriate place on this site.

So why the change? Well, I came to the conclusion that it was silly to run the two sites separately when the content of both sites complimented each other so well.

All of the blog content of CssDev has been moved into the Blaze Blog section, then tagged and archived within the correct categories. Projects like the Durable WordPress theme and CSS Tweak have been moved into their own dedicated projects section. Everything has fit together nicely.

On the more technical side of things, this site is running on the Textpattern Content Management System (CMS). I really love using CMS’ for sites that I create, I don’t think I’ll go back to creating pain static sites, ever. Using a CMS really cuts out the organizational mayhem you encounter when the number of pages and amount of content inevitably increases. I’ve actually been using WordPress as a CMS for a couple of recent projects, I prefer its approach to content management. If time allows I’ll eventually transfer this site over to WordPress.

As for the design, I’ve taken the minimalist approach, really because I want the content to speak for itself. If people are visiting here mainly to read something and get an idea of what I offer, I want to give them the best chance of doing that. No need to crowd people with intrusive design elements. I’m pleased with the final outcome, although the design is relatively simple, I think it still represents my style and approach.

Finally, welcome to Blaze New Media. I hope you enjoy the things you find as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.