CS3If you haven’t heard, Adobe released a beta version of Photoshop CS3 today.

It sports a much refined interface – dare I say “Macromedia” like? Most importantly for Mac users like myself, it comes in universal binary format. This means you can enjoy the full speed of that shiny Intel chip, rather than chugging along in Rosetta like a clapped out old G4.

I’ve also noticed a few nice Mac touches like transparent interface window headers, and window fading when Photoshop looses focus. I guess these are all down to the fact that Adobe re-coded Photoshop in Xcode. They now have access to libraries like Core Image and the new Core Animation.

Overall, a it’s a great step forward for Photoshop on the Mac for me, even at this beta stage. Users with a CS2 license can use the beta for the next little while, otherwise there is a two day usage limit. I fully recommend giving it a go.

Download link (Adobe login required)