Previously on this site I was using some javascript to detect your browser window size. If it was below 1024×768 then the left hand column would collapse and the site would shrink to fit in an 800×600 resolution.

Resolution Stats

I’ve decided to remove this and stick with a 1024 width for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’ve been checking my logs, and less than 5% of visitors run a resolution smaller than 1024×768. It seems as though most people have decided to dump that aging monitor in the past couple of years. Even global numbers for people running 800×600 are only around 1.2 people out of every 10.

The second reason for sticking to 1024×768 and above is that it seems a lot of people who view this site are running widescreen displays. People with widescreen displays rarely maximize their windows so that they can utilize the extra width to show two windows side by side. So even if their resolution is high, their actual window size may be much smaller, which would give them the low resolution design still.

Sticking with 1024 seems to be the best solution for everyone. It makes me feel better knowing that everyone is seeing the full design as intended and not a simplified design because their browser window is sized too small.

Folio Screen

Finally, I’ve updated my portfolio page with some new work and greater detail. I can also now show my role on each project whether it be design, development or both. Go take a look when you get a chance!