The main change was fixing up the theme to work correctly in Internet Explorer 7. I’ve also introduced a couple of small features including built in gravatar support, admin menu access and two new configuration menu items.

Here is a full list of changes:

  • Fixed a small persistant javascript bug on page load.
  • Fixed “last comment was posted” dates.
  • Fixed IE7 rendering issues.
  • Fixed positioning issues for images within a post.
  • Fixed category cloud font sizes when there is only one month of archives or one category.
  • Fixed header rendering issues when the blog does not have a one line description.
  • Added login/admin link in the menu bar for easy access to the administration section.
  • Added “posted by” item to article meta data column.
  • Added significant javascript compression to all JS files reducing load times.
  • Added configuration menu options for auto image position handling and admin link toggling.

For more information on Durable, check out the project page. If you’re feeling lucky, you can download Durable right here.