I’d clung on to the service as long as I possibly could, mainly because I had faith that all would come good and the quality of service would improve.

Although the frequency of outages and poor response times had reduced, they still persisted. It’d been more than five months since I joined up, and to still get outages was not good enough really.

Perhaps in the future I’ll go back to Media Temple. Before I joined the grid I had nothing but good things to say about them. They need time to turn the service around, which I’m sure they will do. I just can’t afford to be a guinea pig while they do it.

Small and Fruity

My new host is the fairly new but highly praised A Small Orange. They’ve had some excellent reviews lately and offer a great balance between price and features. Unlimited add-on domains, sub-domains and Mysql databases is a saviour for me. The limit on the databases with Media Temple was getting a bit restrictive with multiple client test sites.

Of course it’s early days with the service yet, but I intend to write a full review once I get to test the system a little more.

Here’s to a smooth, speedy, and reliable ride.