Finder Interface

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1. The iTunes Look & Feel

When iTunes 7 was released, along came another new interface. However, this time there had been a lot more thought put in. There were new widgets, new colors, and a distinct lack of “Aqua”.

My personal opinion, and that of many Mac enthusiasts, is this will start the transition. A transition away from the jelly bean, “reflections everywhere” look and feel that has been with OS X since day one. I think we will see this look and feel (or at least some sort of variation of it) across the board in Leopard.

2. Tabs Tabs Tabs

Tabs are something that Finder has been crying out for for a long time. When tabs exploded onto the browser scene a few years back, people took time to adjust to having multiple layers in one window. I think most people now find it hard to live without them. Tabs help stop window clutter and make it simple to see all of the locations you have open at one time.

I think Apple would be crazy to leave tabs out of a new Finder application.

3. Bread-crumb Navigation

This is something I would personally love to see. A Finder bread-crumb would represent a history of where you’ve been, rather than just a simple folder hierarchy. This would tie in nicely to the back and forward buttons, but also allow you the freedom of jumping to any point in the history. This may well break interface guidelines however, as it differs from the way it works in iTunes, so it’s probably a long shot.

4. Multi Views

Smart folders are great, I make them, use them for five minutes, and then forget about them.

What if Apple came up with some pre-made smart folders that would appear in a section at the top of each finder window? Most of the time I’m opening finder if get hold of a file I’ve edited pretty recently. If Finder presented me with my last five edited files, this would be a big time saver.

Apple could create other options such as “files with a red color label” or “files less than 5mb”. All this functionality already exists through smart folders. I’m just making it more useful for the average user.

5. Smart Folder / Burn Folder Button

Following on from before, smart folders and burn folders are hidden up in the “File” menu. Why not bring this into view by using a “cog” button on the main finder window?

6. New Folder Icons

Along with the new look and feel, I think we will see new folder icons. The current ones are very “pinstriped” and look dated. Maybe we will see folder icons along the same style as the new Adobe CS3 folder icons?

What are you thoughts on a new Finder?