I’m at a loss, and for me it’s time to find something different. Six auctions and six fraud cancellations means there is something seriously wrong.

To top it off, if Ebay finds that someone has bid on your item with a stolen account – they will just delete the auction, so you lose the entire thing. There is no hope of you getting the content back, so you have to re-write it from scratch. That’s enough to put anyone off re-posting it.

I even make sure it’s perfectly clear that I would never ship to Africa or Asia, in the hope that it would stop some fraudsters. Of course that never works out.

Why don’t they just entirely block countries like Nigeria? It’s not like they have an “Ebay Nigeria” anyway. Perhaps that would be too harsh, but that seems the source for most fraud right now.

How has your experience been? If anyone can gladly point me in the direction of an auctioning site that isn’t riddled with fraud, I’d be happy to put my items up there.