The iPod touch is Apple’s new touch screen iPod offering. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone features. It includes Wi-Fi, as well as the Safari web browser for internet access.

The crucial difference between the iPod touch and iPhone however, is the fact Apple is selling the iPod touch worldwide from the end of September.

Apple have already sold over 100m iPods, not all of which were full sized versions, but it gives an idea of the numbers. This means there is the possibility of many millions of people with the ability to browse the web on a quality mobile device. As Steve Jobs said, this is not the watered-down mobile web, this is the full web experience.

What does this mean for Web Developers?

With the potential for millions of people to use their iPod to browse the web, it could become a significant platform. It definitely will become a platform that needs to be tested on by developers, making sure that sites work with the screen-size and interface.

However, the bigger question is when will clients start requesting “iPod enabled” websites? We have already seen the likes of Digg and Facebook creating iPhone specific interfaces, making use of the iPhone’s screen size and touch interface.

I wonder if it will ever get to a point in time where people head on over to your website or web app and expect an “iPod enabled” interface?

Lots of things to consider, but you can see how the inclusion of a web browser on the iPod opens the doors to many new possibilities.

What are your thoughts?