Today is my first day working for Automattic! For the past several weeks I’ve been talking with Matt and Toni about the direction of BuddyPress and what I did last year with the ChickSpeak project. They have given me the opportunity to come on board and concentrate on the development of BuddyPress under the Automattic umbrella.

The talent they have on board at Automattic is incredible, some of the brightest minds in the game. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with everyone on a daily basis and soak up some of the tremendous knowledge available.

I’ve been all consumed in WordPress for the past two years now, I think almost every single site I’ve built since working as a freelancer has used WordPress in some way. To get the opportunity to concentrate fully on WordPress everyday, and also the chance to help mould WordPress in new ways is a fantastic one not to be missed.

Also, the domain is in the process of being moved, so further updates on the project will be available there once the move has been completed.