New BuddyPress Theme

New BuddyPress Theme

Mockups of the new BuddyPress default theme. The theme has been designed so that colors and the logo can easily be changed. It has also been created to make use of every BuddyPress feature, theme designers can then cut and paste functionality they’d like in their own themes.

The theme will pass most of the admin area functionality through to the front end. However, all components can still be controlled within the admin area itself. This means simple BuddyPress compatible themes can be created, without having to create designs for each component.

There will be an option to set either the profile or the blog as the default screen for a user.

145 thoughts on “New BuddyPress Theme

  1. Hi Andy,

    I like it. I confess I’m not on Facebook so any type of social networking site makes me a bit uneasy, but this looks very cool.

  2. This is the most exciting implementation of WordPressMU that I’ve seen in a very long time. I just want to start using it immediately, but I don’t know how many of my friends would sign up if I created a server for it.

    Regardless, I’ll be playing around with it more later. If THAT is the default theme, I think a lot of community builders will get on board IMMEDIATELY. It’s clean, it’s organized, and it’s social–what more could anyone want?

    I’ll continue to follow the progress of this project on Twitter. Wow! Good work, everyone.

  3. Looks good, keep up the good work.

    However, why did you go with the Mac OS file browser navigation (left -> right) in favor of the classic WP menu (top -> down)?

  4. This looks great, it looks like a lot of thought went into the design.

    If the functionality is made available via plugins and themes with no editing to the wordpress MU core is needed it will be very simple to keep BuddyPress wptodate with wordpress.

    Very cool, I would love to get involved/help out with development

  5. Looks awesome! I just did a fresh install of WP MU and bbPress to replace Joomla + Community Builder + Simple Machine Forum. That was a good system but this one looks at least twice as good – wish me luck on getting everything working – Lurk at ya later!

  6. @Mihai: I chose left to right navigation because it accommodates more potential options. I also like the ‘3 step process’, choose your section, select your options and then view the results 1-2-3. It forces you to keep everything within three steps.

    @Levi Putna: BuddyPress is entirely plugins and a theme, no core hacks. Check out for more information on development.

    Thanks to everyone else for the kind comments so far!

  7. Wow, this looks great. I’m anxiously waiting to give a formal release a try. We recently deployed an internal WordPress MU installation that has really taken off. Adding BuddyPress functionality would really allow us to get additional value from the deployment.

  8. Nice job everyone.

    Just a question, any chance this theme might be localized in other languages?

  9. I think I’ll be saving a lot of money with this one, instead of buying a social networks script.
    I’ve been anticipating news and updates about the BuddyPress development for weeks now :D

  10. Any possibility that the default (front) page could also be a static page instead of the blogs or profile page?

    Looks great, I think this will be great for schools.

  11. Hey, this is amazing! Are we able to implement it now?? I’ve downloaded your roadmap / calendar and notice completion is scheduled for December. If it is installed before then is it just a matter of upgrading as developments take place (sorry, I’m not 100% developer savvy).

    Really keen to use this new tool!

  12. I’m having trouble to make my Buddypress site work. When I activate the current default theme, it gives me an error (header.php on line 26)

    And I must have the new theme looks fantastic!

  13. Hey Andy,

    could you also make a WordPress version of this theme? Not MU, not Buddypress, simply WordPress standalone ;)


  14. Is there any chance of adding a third option for a “page” to be set as the default screen? Or is this already available as a function of WordPress?

  15. I agree it looks quite good. But I have to tend to some of the comments that did not like the navigation left/right.

    A top/down naviation is more intuitive and save a lot of screen space !!

    What about an option to choose between the two?!

  16. Holy sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph… why did no one tell me things like this existed?!

  17. @Ralf: The left to right navigation means you can use it for both navigation and sidebar elements. No one wants their blog sidebar in a drop down nav.

  18. I’ve installed in on a localhost,it looks good, but the default theme am going to change it.
    and integrate the buddypress into my site which is running!
    When is the stable bubbypress version coming out?

  19. @Andy Peatling : Very true when it comes to the blog side bar.
    But look at all the space in the “me” column below “logout” is wasted. Same for the second column left of it.

    Any ideas?!

  20. Very exciting stuff. I’m really looking forward to seeing how BuddyPress progresses.

    Food for thought for the future, it could be very interesting to develop functionality that would allow standlone WordPress installation to somehow be linked together through social networking, perhaps through a WPMU installation running BuddyPress. This could open up a lot of interesting possibilities for open source / distributed social networking.

  21. What I’m trying to do is get buddypress to the level shown in your preview pics. After that, I plan on customizing it with a different look, and some added functionality.

    How can I get the basic buddypress site working so that it at least looks the way you have it?

    any help is greatly appreciated! :)

  22. There’s a problem in the PM system names like inbox ,send etc overlaps with the blog names.
    So it’s confussing.

    Any ideas and where’s your forum section?

  23. WOW!!!!

    I don’t remember ever being this excited about something. I just cannot wait. I am creating a site for my family. BuddyPress is exactly what I was looking for :)

    Thank you so much!!!

  24. Hi Andy,

    You’re doing a splendid job on BuddyPress! Way to go!

    Still, as I’m very interested in the project, yet I’m not into creating another facebook, I have a few issues to raise.

    First, how theme-able are the features?
    I run a development site where I want to give each developer a blog to write about his developments, show images and share files. As much as I’m REALLY interested in the extended profile, I still want to encourage people to write. Can that be done theme-wise?

    Second, I want to allow each user to upload/download files, manage their posts etc. Could the system allow other wordpress addons to become part of the system and options? Or will everything be limited to what you;ve originally wrote down and that’s all?

    This is more or less reflect on a basic question – will my MU plugins still apply to all users or do they need to be some kind of BuddyPress plugins?

    Thanks very much for answering. BTW, if you’re interested in a helping hand, I’m offering mine.

    Take care and keep up the GREAT work!

  25. abit depressing imo, i just took 1 month intergrating, themeing, and hacking WordPress and BBPRESS all together.!!

    now iv just finished that, the same makers are bringing out BuddyPress!!

    im abit pissed off ! oh well – lol, ill do it all again.

    is there a forum to for all of this.

    buddypress does look good imo, great work!

  26. Hi Andy,

    I love the BuddyPress Core!! I have a few questions and I am having no luck finding answers… Maybe you can help or point me in the right direction.

    1) Installing the BP_Friends… When I upload all teh files I don’t see this option anywhere..

    2) BP_Messanging – The Site Admin section gives me an error.

    3) Using the BP_XProfile – Any chance you have a search plugin/function that will allow my users to search the various blogs based on the answers to the X-Profile?

    Thanks in advance

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  28. I’ve installed wordpressmu 2.6,but I don’t work with buddypress.
    Any plans to update it to work with the latest wpmu 2.6?

  29. I was just wondering if you could start a mailing list to announce when this theme is available!

    It’s amazing!

  30. I just tried a fresh installation of WPMU (2.6) and BP from trunk, but unfortunately the theme looks “broken” (like gfx and stylesheets missing). Did I miss something?

  31. I am looking into this software for an upcoming project of mine. So far I really like the theme here and buddypress news. Can’t wait for the final version.

  32. I’ve installed Buddypress, and like it a lot.

    Question: is there a way to ditch the blog sidebar? It takes up so much usable space.

    I don’t see the sidebar in the screenshots…

  33. Something’s wrong with MY BuddyPress installation. I can’t access member profiles; and as a result of that, I can’t see:

    Private Messages
    Anything Else requiring profiles to view.

  34. Hey Andy,

    Awsome work. Orange White and Shades of Grey gives a very plesent look and feel. Navigarions are well organized. Well done. I would like something more exiting soon. May be an experiment wit Blue / Red colors

    Anyways you did a fantastic Job

  35. Hi Andy, don’t forget to take a look on DarkPress: the new free theme for buddypress that is ideal for music,software,sci-fi,media communities with its dark atmosphere. I’m proud of it.

  36. oh boy when this theme is gonna be avaailable for download i cant wait to have hands on it!!!


  37. Hi Andy

    Just want to say thanks for releasing Buddypress! It looks amazing and just what I need. Gonna try to make a mini myspace type site for bands to sign up & post vids & audio. Do you think it will easy to do with this & WP mu?


  38. This look so amazing, thanks Andy for the great work!!
    I’ve been trying to build a child-theme like this one with all admin bar functionality on the left. Where can we get this theme? I notice this thread was a while ago so am assuming that it is out now, but the default bp-theme look different
    Thanks for helping

  39. @Terence, This is a free theme to be developed and i am also amazed that why is it not out yet. I am subscribed to this thread for many days.

    Dear Andy, If you would like to have any help regarding developing this theme i am there for it. Please let me know if i can help.

    I am good XHTML/CSS and bit of php as well. Also having good knowledge of wordpress and buddypress as well.


  40. Looks really great! Now I learning to wordpress and budypress. I still studying HTML/CSS on another blog. Thank u for information.

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