As one of the millions who participated in the Firefox Download Day, I’ve enjoyed using Firefox 3 for the past few days.

Firefox has improved hugely on the Mac platform. It now feels less like a clunky Java app, and more like a native application should. The page load times, memory usage and launch speed have been significantly improved.

Despite these huge improvements, the new default theme doesn’t quite feel right to me. It’s like a hybrid of Mac and Windows interface standards, and in my opinion it ends up looking a bit quirky.

The default mac theme for Firefox 3

Thankfully Annorax has stepped in and created a whole bunch of Mac styled themes for Firefox 3. I’m using the GrApple Yummy (blue) theme and it’s fantastic. Firefox looks and feels almost identical to Safari.

Firefox 3 with the GrApple Yummy (blue) theme installed.

Head over to and check out the themes on offer. Each one has subtle differences so you can choose which theme suits you best.

Update: Top 10 Firefox themes via Rebecca