The iPhone 3G price plans for Rogers Wireless in Canada were announced today. As per usual it looks as though we are being ripped off compared with the UK and USA.

Not only are you required to sign a 3 year contract, Rogers also nickel and dime you with “system access fees” and making caller display an added extra (what year is this??).

Here’s a nice chart I’ve made that shows the cost breakdown of owning an iPhone in Canada compared with the USA and UK. You’ll be amazed at the difference in cost.

(Click for a larger version)

iPhone 3G Costs

$3,225! And that is just for the basic plan here in Canada. Sheesh. At least it’s here I suppose?

Update: A nice quote from someone over on the ehMac forums:

“So in other words for the same price as the US we get about a third of the text messages, a third of the anytime minutes, no call display, evenings that start at 9 pm instead of 7 pm and an extra contract year. Oh and I almost forgot, 400Mb of data instead of unlimited.”

Update II: What can we do as Canadians? Here’s a couple of things: