Rogers Communications Inc. has rolled back the pricing of its promotional six-gigabyte data plan for iPhone 3G, following criticism that the costs were too high for the eagerly anticipated Apple device.

Rogers said on Wednesday the price of the six-gigabyte service plan will be reduced to $30. Earlier, it said iPhone plans for voice and data would range from $60 to $115.

The plan will be available to customers who purchase the plan before Aug. 31 on a three-year contract.

That’s a slight nudge in the right direction, but with the usual Rogers caveats.

To get the offer you have to sign up before August 31, and also sign a new 3 year contract. I don’t understand this 3 year bit, is that still true if you don’t want a new phone and simply want to add it to an existing contract? If it does then that is BS in my opinion.

Carriers tie you into contracts to recoup the cost of a discounted handset, if you don’t get one, then why the tie in?