Get A Gravatar Ready For WordCamp 2008 Badges

Get A Gravatar Ready For WordCamp 2008 Badges

Update: If you are attending, check your badge here!

WordCamp San Francisco 2008 badges will include gravatar images, so make sure you have your gravatar set up before August 14th.

Gravatars now support resolutions up to 512×512 pixels. The higher resolution your gravatar image is, the better it will look on your badge.

For those attendees without a gravatar, an identicon will be included on your badge.

I’m excited to see these in print, I think gravatars will add a really nice touch to the badges, and it also shows they are useful even in the offline world.

I’ll be writing a tutorial on how to generate gravatar enabled conference badges very soon.

43 thoughts on “Get A Gravatar Ready For WordCamp 2008 Badges

  1. Would be really nice if there was a way to see a preview of the badge before hand. That will give me chance to upload a higher quality image if my current one doesn’t look so great.

  2. Looks like best results come from uploading a 512×512 image.

    Any way you could (without violating your privacy policy) automatically e-mail any WordCamp attendees who don’t have a 512×512 Gravatar? For instance, Joseph, your Gravatar is an old 80×80 one, so it looks like a mosaic at 512×512.

  3. Dang, I wish I could be there. I think this is a brilliant idea, especially since personally I can’t remember names very well, but I instantly remember faces – or in this case, people’s gravatars.

  4. Hopefully will be recorded! I think many avatars can become a part of your overall branding strategy.

  5. Damn, WordCamp San Francisco is the grand daddy of all WordCamps. Really wish I could attend this event but alas, I’ll have to wait till next year maybe.

  6. i got a gravatar like a year ago when it was cool to like, universally identify yourself on the interweb. now, i’d like to be addressed as the skype emoticon combo (emo) + (poolparty). i’m just waiting for the rest of the www to step in line.

  7. interesting new development in the upcoming WordCamp—WordCamp San Francisco, that is. Camper badges will use the gravatars of the registered

    ı like very much

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