The new BBC News website design launched this week. I like it, I think it’s a step in the right direction and brings modern CSS techniques and design principles to the site. Overall they’ve done a great job and should definitely ignore many of “anti-change” comments popping up on the launch post.

However, I feel strongly that the home page seems a little unfinished to the eye and makes for more difficult reading. It doesn’t need much, a little polish, better alignment and more contrast separation between sections and headings. With the current design, other than the main story, everything has the same visual importance making it hard for the eye to move around and follow what’s going on.

I’ve mocked up a few changes that I would make. I’ve made the spacing and alignment more consistent, improved the visual separation between news sections, and made the top story contained from the rest of the content. I’ve also re-added the thumbnails for secondary stories – they are really important, the stories feel lost and less appealing without them.

Here’s a side by side mockup (click for full size):

BBC News Design Changes

What are your thoughts on the changes and the new design overall?