Not a bad problem to have.

What The Puck Now?

As we move past the NHL’s annual roster freeze and into 2012 all attention has shifted to the trade deadline of February 27 (with all due respect to the all-star game of course).  The question then arises, will the Canucks move one of their star goalies or will they retain the reigning Jennings winners for another run at the Stanley Cup?  Let’s take a look at the options.

Option #1: Trade Roberto Luongo

Despite the will of many Canucks fans, this is the most unlikely scenario.  Luongo is a world class goalie and the Canucks are built to win now.  They are not in a position to trade a world class goalie to run with the young up and comer, yet… 

Luongo’s contract also makes a trade highly unlikely, and it may shock Canucks fans to hear it, but it isn’t the size or term of the contract that will make him…

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