Quieter Elephant

So when I foolishly signed up for the Sun Run, I didn’t actually expect to have to RUN.

But now both daughters, their associated beaus and the good lady wife have signed up it looks like I’ll actually have to try hard. That and the fact my previous company paid my entrance fee! Duty bound and all that.

It’s Canada’s biggest 10km run, and has been going since 1985. (Not the same race, you understand… even I won’t take 27 years to finish!!)

I realistically signed up for the 1hr+ group it being my first time and all (wha?!), but was mortified to learn that my daughter’s less than fit boyfriend put himself in the sub-1hr group. I’m the one who actually hit the gym reasonably often (well more than once anyway), not him! Now, as we say in masculine parlance: “it’s on!” Instead of merely concentrating on not…

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