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The whole bring-your-own-device trend may cause as many problems as it solves, according to IBM(s ibm) CIO Jeanette Horan.

BYOD, in which companies let (even encourage) employees to use their personal smartphone or other tablet of choice for work, was driven largely by the popularity of Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone and iPad devices and embraced by companies that saw it as a way to boost productivity and mobility of their workers. But it turns out that the same proliferation of cloud-based services that lets users access applications and data via mobile devices both enables BYOD and causes companies to question its use.

That’s the risk Horan pointed out in a new Technology Review article. IBM, according to the story, provides Blackberrys(s RIMM) for about 40,000 of its 400,000 workers while 80,000 more use their own smartphones or tablets to access IBM networks. And that’s where the trouble began.

IBM soon…

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