Great tournament so far, there’s a different feel to the WM Phoenix Open, this is a good example why.

Richard Maspero

Golf is often labelled as an elitist sport. One played by overly austere elderly gentlemen, with little or no sense of humor. However one tournament, and one hole in particular, is doing all they can to change that perception.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale Arizona has been a regular event on the PGA Tour for 81 years. They’ve pioneered the way tournaments view recycling, by making these bins available all over the course.


They’re also leading the way in the spectators experience category.


The 16th hole, a tricky par 3, is surrounded by massive grandstands, providing a stadium atmosphere for the golfers.


It’s loud and a little raucous, and flys in the face of what the aforementioned golfers would view as acceptable. As an added bonus, the spectators are able to place bets on the caddies. Pick the caddie to reach the green first, and you can win…

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