My dad put together a really fantastic video of all the photos and videos of my past thirty years, but one thing stood out at the end. Aged eleven I wrote a short letter about how I thought my future would turn out.

My Future.

This is a rough idea of how I think my life will turn out when I’m older.

I struggle to think what I’d like to be when I’m older. I’d enjoy being a computer salesman, or a person that tests or works on a computer.

The reason I’d like to do this sort of thing is because I really enjoy computers. I think they’re brill! You never stop learning about a computer, there are always new things to discover about them.

If I couldn’t get a job as a computer bloke, I’d like to get my own business. I don’t know what this business would be, but it would be my own.

I also hope to have a good personal life too, I hope I can earn enough money to supply a family with food and a house and not be tied up in lots of bills and bank loans.

Well, overall I think that my future will turn out well, but who can say?

Andrew Peatling, Banwell School. 1994 — Aged 11.

I think it’s all turned out well so far.