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iPhone 3G Canadian Lineups Start… — July 11, 2008
“Rogers rolls back iPhone pricing plan to $30” — July 9, 2008

“Rogers rolls back iPhone pricing plan to $30”


Rogers Communications Inc. has rolled back the pricing of its promotional six-gigabyte data plan for iPhone 3G, following criticism that the costs were too high for the eagerly anticipated Apple device.

Rogers said on Wednesday the price of the six-gigabyte service plan will be reduced to $30. Earlier, it said iPhone plans for voice and data would range from $60 to $115.

The plan will be available to customers who purchase the plan before Aug. 31 on a three-year contract.

That’s a slight nudge in the right direction, but with the usual Rogers caveats.

To get the offer you have to sign up before August 31, and also sign a new 3 year contract. I don’t understand this 3 year bit, is that still true if you don’t want a new phone and simply want to add it to an existing contract? If it does then that is BS in my opinion.

Carriers tie you into contracts to recoup the cost of a discounted handset, if you don’t get one, then why the tie in?

“Solution to high iPhone prices is not to buy one” — July 8, 2008

“Solution to high iPhone prices is not to buy one”

From The Vancouver Sun:

The petition has attracted attention in Canada and abroad, but it won’t have any effect on Rogers unless consumers follow through with the old-fashioned but simple and reliable strategy for pulling down prices.

If you don’t like the price of an iPhone, don’t buy it. If Rogers finds it has priced itself out of the market, it won’t take a petition to ring in lower prices.

Great bit of advice, if you really want serious change in Canada then nothing speaks greater than a good-ol’ stay-at-home.

iPhone 3G Costs – UK vs USA vs Canada — June 27, 2008

iPhone 3G Costs – UK vs USA vs Canada

The iPhone 3G price plans for Rogers Wireless in Canada were announced today. As per usual it looks as though we are being ripped off compared with the UK and USA.

Not only are you required to sign a 3 year contract, Rogers also nickel and dime you with “system access fees” and making caller display an added extra (what year is this??).

Here’s a nice chart I’ve made that shows the cost breakdown of owning an iPhone in Canada compared with the USA and UK. You’ll be amazed at the difference in cost.

(Click for a larger version)

iPhone 3G Costs

$3,225! And that is just for the basic plan here in Canada. Sheesh. At least it’s here I suppose?

Update: A nice quote from someone over on the ehMac forums:

“So in other words for the same price as the US we get about a third of the text messages, a third of the anytime minutes, no call display, evenings that start at 9 pm instead of 7 pm and an extra contract year. Oh and I almost forgot, 400Mb of data instead of unlimited.”

Update II: What can we do as Canadians? Here’s a couple of things:

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